Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. We have been busy painting our office, which is really Sean's man-cave/ Notre Dame shrine. Once we get all of Sean's memorabilia up on the walls the transformation will be complete... and I will post some photos!

Jordan had her 6 month check up on Friday! Can you believe she is 6 months already?!? She weighed in at 14.13 lbs which puts her in the 17th percentile. Although she's a skinny thing, she measured in at 27.25 in. long which is in the 94th percentile! Basketball anyone? And she barely even cried when she got her shots! What a tough girl!!

In honor of Jordan turning 6 months old today, here is a recap of just how big she has gotten!

September 23, 2009
Who is this little person and what do I do with her? Awww, but what a cute little yawn! Are the doctors really going to let me take her home?!? I should have read more books!
Happy Halloween!!! I always loved Halloween so of course Jordan had to partake in the festivities! We were all ready to hand our candy on Halloween to the neighborhood kids but a last minute change in plans took us to San Antonio for Jordan's first live Notre Dame game! She was a cheerleading monkey... and was very popular with the tailgater's!
Sean and Jordan have some all important Father daughter bonding time! They have more in common than I could have ever guessed! Sure, she may look more like me but this picture tells all!
Jordan's first Christmas, her first time seeing snow but NOT her first time getting presents! Lol! We had a great time with family in Dallas and this tired little girl is the proof!
Jordan LOVES her bath time! She can be out of her mind crazy but the second I turn on the faucet... silence. Anticipation. I can't wait until this summer to take my little fish to the pool!
A late Christmas gift from Aunt Lauren has Jordan all decked out in her Northwestern gear! "Thanks for the cute digs Auntie Lauren! I make this school look good!!!"

Finally... a video of Jordan and Daddy playing!!!

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