Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I LOVE motherhood! I truly have never been more satisfied with my life as I am right now! However, here comes the but... BUT I have been more satisfied with my body. This new mom bod has come with a new challenge. The clothes that once fit me pre-pregnancy no longer flatter my post-pregnancy curves. Instead of crying over my scale, I am going to take this shopportunity to examine the current fashion trends and how they can work for a mom on the go!

1. 2010 Trend: Ruffles! Ruffles are adorable, classy and just plain fun! A definite trend worth experimenting with!

This shirt is fantastic! It's pretty much universally flattering. Ruffles and a v-neck draw your eyes up to her face, a tie wraps around the waist emphasising the smallest part of the torso and the bottom half of the shirt flows away from the body de-emphasising a belly. All in all I give this an A+ as a trend and a mommy friendly fashion! But, beware, ruffles below the waist can have an undesirably "voluminous" effect.

2. 2010 Trend: Animal Prints! The print that keeps on giving! God sure knew what he was doing when he dressed the leopard! But, my favorite has to be the zebra print. (Ironically, I have an eerily similar print across my belly these days. TMI?)

I love this zebra skirt in a gray rather than black stripe. This softer version allows the print to translate into a more daytime look. I'm loving it with a simple cotton top but would go with some cute flats as a more practical alternative.

3. Trouser Jeans! Now this isn't exactly a 2010 Trend, it's more of a "classic" in my book. The 2010 jean trend would most likely be the dreaded skinny jeans. Oh skinny jeans! You do not make me look skinny at all!!! The fact of the matter is that skinny jeans look great on stick people! But, hey, if you look good in skinny jeans more power to ya my dear stick friend!

Ahem, like I was saying, Trouser Jeans! These jeans are golden! A good trouser jean that flows straight down from the hip to the floor, preferably in a dark wash, are a pro at camouflaging a troubling mid-section. Add a mid-rise to the mix and your well on your way to looking like your old self well before you even reach the gym!

A good friend of mine gave me some advice when I was still pregnant that I thought was great. She said that the best thing I could do to feel good and get through tough days was get up, take a shower and dress for the day even if the only thing I would do all day is get spit up on at home! And, I must say, I feel better when I do! But, to all my fellow mom's out there, even if you going to sleep in the same pj's you woke up in... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! And don't you forget it!


  1. Love you for sharing this! (and I'm such a big fan of ruffles... so girly!)
    I took your friend's words to heart; it was the best advice she could've given you. You're right; those are the days I feel most productive; -- it's amazing how a little makeup and somewhat of a put-together outfit can do for the mommy morale!