Friday, August 5, 2011

Jordan's New Tricks

So July has been all about the terrible two's... hence not too many pictures or blog posts to show for it. Maybe I'll should start video taping the tantrums after all? I'm sure they could be useful later in life. =)

Anyway, although Jordan has been quite a handful lately she is also learning a lot! She has been saying a ton on new words including tree, grass, car, doggie, yeah, cow, horse and more. She's also finally really interested in her books! She loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See (especially when Daddy does the animal noises) and Goodnight Moon.

Yesterday I showed her how to blow kisses and she picked it right up! So here are two videos of Jordan blowing kisses, jumping and dancing! Never a dull moment!

(Sorry they're sideways. I've got to remember to turn the camera for videos!)