Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jordan loves Mommy & Daddy's bed!

Our child is obsessed with hanging out in our bed! Jumping, peek-a-boo under the sheets, pretend snoring... the possibilities are endless! We finally had to put a child proof knob on our door because she wanted to spend all of her time in there! And trust me... she is not happy about it. But whenever we forget to shut the door she runs as fast as her little legs will take her and hops into our bed and under the covers. When I walk in she says "night-night?" (Most of what she says has that question mark at the end even if it's not a question.)

This picture is from a few weeks ago but look at the joy in her little face! We're hoping to get her her own big girl bed for her birthday... though she may jump and play more than she actually sleeps!

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July & Jordan's New Bike

Jordan has been LOVING her new bike! Thanks Grandma & Grandpa Sprigg for the great early birthday present! She's still a little short and mostly walks it but she's slowly learning to pedal and loves being pushed fast on it!

There wasn't much going on in the neighborhood this 4th of July so Jordan was her own one baby parade! Happy 4th of July!!!

"Which way to the playground?"
"Check out my sweeeeet ride."
"Oh look... ants."
"Push me fast Daddy!!!"
"What's this round, rolly thing?"
"Look those kids have bikes too!!"

Laundry Day

Jordan loves helping mommy with laundry! She's especially good at pushing the laundry basket to the laundry room and back. Once all the laundry is done she likes putting her toys in the empty basket or finding other creative means of play...

"Laundry is all done. Play time!"
"Ooo... comfy!"
"Daddy might want his socks back though..."
"Good thing these are clean!"

Hula Hoop

These pictures are completely random... but still really cute! Jordan playing w/ cousin Taylor's Hula Hoop before heading to the pool...

"What in the world is this for..."
"Watch out Little Miss America! Jordan's got talent!"
"I'm over this... let's go to the pool already."

June: Pool-time w/ Grandma Sprigg

Grandma and Grandpa Sprigg came to visit a few weeks ago and we all had a great time! Such a great time actually... that we forgot to take pictures. Oops! Well at least I captured a few of Jordan and Grandma at the pool. Sorry Grandpa, guess you all will just have to come back very soon and we can try again!!!