Saturday, June 26, 2010

The hot days of summer are here so the more cool activities the better! Jordan likes the pool but, being the little ball of energy she is, she is always trying to squirm out of our arms. So I figured it was time to finally put our little backyard to use! We bought her a sprinkler pool so she can crawl around and explore while enjoying the water. The water was pelting her in the face at first which she didn't like to much (surprise, surprise) but once we adjusted the water pressure everyone had a good time. And the best part about it... the long nap she took afterwards! =)

"Hmmm. Not quite a bath... not quite a pool."

"Don't go anywhere Mommy. I'm not quite sure about this thing yet!"

"Ok! I like it!!!!"

"I really need to start standing on my own but until then I have a Daddy crutch!"

"Let's do this again tomorrow!!!"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jordan used to be a champ at eating her baby food but recently she's been sealing those little lips at lunch time. She was once enamored by the new and different foods but she has since decided that feeding herself is where it's at! "I don't need to be fed! I'm a big girl!!!" So, for the sake of fostering her independence (and for a few good laughs) Jordan is learning to feed herself. Well, at least she is trying...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I know it's been almost a month since I last wrote so it's time to break the ice and get back into the groove. There's been so much going on that every time I think about blogging I'm not sure even where to start! The least cheerful but most obvious place to start is the passing away of Sean's grandfather, Marshall Sprigg.

Jordan and I were able to see him just a few days before he passed. Jordan sat calmly on her great grandpa's lap, which is a miracle in itself if you know how squirmy she is, and I was able to get one last picture. Grandpa Marshall was a blessing to all of us and I am so glad I was able to know him.

Recently, I have been attending a mom's group at my church called Legacy of Love. It's based on a song by Nichole Nordeman which talks all about what sort of Legacy we leave in the world and how we will be remembered, especially by our children. Upon listening to the eulogies of Grandpa Marshall's three sons it was quite clear what kind of legacy he left behind. A wife, 5 children and spouses, 20 (soon to be 21) grandchildren and 1 great grandbaby... all of whom adored him.

In my mind there is no greater legacy you can leave behind than one of love. He was admired for the love he gave and the faith he shared. It just reminds me of how fleeting this life is and what is truly important. In the end, I think we will all be remembered for the love we gave and the good we did and I think that is a goal worth living our lives for.

As we say goodbye, I can't help but think of the disciples who gave away all they had to follow Christ. I think Grandpa Marshall was that kind of man, lived that kind of life and now he has truly given all he had and is with God. Rest in Peace.