Friday, January 28, 2011

Playing at the Park

So not only was the weather wonderful yesterday, which made it perfect for the park, but Jordan's hair is now long enough for PIGTAILS!!!! She just looks so darn cute I had to take a bunch of pictures!

(And for all of you that don't live in TX... aren't you jealous of our nice weather?!? Lol)

Nana & Nanu Visit


FINALLY, some Christmas photos!!! I only have a few from the early morning because the rest is video but I am working on uploading some of the videos too! Jordan woke up Christmas morning to her HUGE playtent including a ball pit! She loves playing in it especially when her little friends come over and they can chase each other through the tunnels! Jordan also got a cool pair of sunglasses in her stocking! It's amazing how a $5 pair of sunglasses equals hours of entertainment!

"Wait a minute... this wasn't here yesterday?!?"
"Am I allowed to do this?"
"What next?"
"No autographs please." Sean calls these her "Bono" glasses
Getting ready to tear into those gifts... "Let me at em!!!"