Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sorry I have been MIA but I had a lovely virus on my computer. Luckily, my wonderful, talented and handsome husband was able to fix it! Nothing like a handy man!

Anyway, I would be remiss if I didn't post something about the Oscar's. So here is my favorite, least favorite and the dress I would be most likely to wear...

Cameron Diaz! I love how classy and effortless she looks! The perfect look for the Oscar's. Just the right amount of bling! I think she looked stunning and therefore gets my vote for Best Dressed!

Oh, Sarah Jessica Parker. I know you just want to be fashion forward but come on now. I can deal with the dress but I can not forgive the orange spray tan. How many celebrities does it take to teach you people. Pale is better than orange any day! She should have at least switched to a cool colored dress because the yellow only makes it worse. SJP... Worst Dressed.

Penelope Cruz. Always gorgeous! I would wear this dress any day of the week... but I'm not sure I will ever have an occasion to wear such a dress! I'm sure I could come up with something if I try hard enough. (Stop shaking your head at me Sean!) Anyway, I won't give her Best Dressed because it not all that original but it is probably the dress I would be most likely to wear out of everyone at the Oscar's.

Ok, well that's what I have to say about that. Short and sweet. Sprigg out.

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  1. Loved Cameron's dress. Totally agree about SJP---you didn't mention the pulled back hairdo with the 'intentional fly-aways'---what was up with that??? I'm not surprised you'd like Cruz's dress...it's reminiscent of your wedding dress...except it's red...and fussier...and...oh, never mind...