Friday, March 25, 2011

The Rodeo

We me missed the Rodeo last year due to rain so we made sure to go this year!!! The weather was beautiful, sunny and 85, and despite waiting in line for a while we had a great time! First stop... the BBQ Cookoff! We had some good BBQ and enjoyed seeing all of the different booths. Mostly we just walked around and Jordan wondered what the heck was going on! But once we got to the petting zoo she was really in her element! She mostly just laughed at the animals and all the silly things they were doing. Lastly, I made sure to get a funnel cake because it's not a fair without fried food! It was a great day with a little something for everyone!

"Yay!!! I love wearing my hat and boots!!!"
"Well, let's go already slow pokes!!!"
The Austin Rodeo!!!
Sean in his element...
"What smells? Did I do that?"
Don't forget to wash your hands!!!
"Horsies!!!!! This place is AWESOME!"

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