Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt Video & Pics

Jordan had a great time during her first Easter egg hunt! We filled up the yard with eggs, handed her a basket and sent her on her way! You would have thought she'd done it before because she immediately went and picked up the eggs and put them in her basket. She was wondering around and happily picking up her eggs when I finally showed her that they had, gasp, jelly beans inside!!! After that she really was a girl on a mission. =)

Check out one of our Easter egg hunt videos below:

After removing the toys from her bag Jordan said "hat" and...
Sean's grown up Easter basket...
"Oooo... pretty"
Jordan spotted the egg in the tree and pointed with her signature word "dat"
"There's CANDY in these?!?!"
"Must... eat... candy..."

"What? No more?"

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