Sunday, September 12, 2010


Our trip to Chicago did not go as planned! The night before we left Jordan got her first fever and by the next night it had risen to 103.5!!! Luckily, Sean's parents were there and knew the area so we took our baby to the ER. Talk about scary! I just felt so helpless not knowing what to do for the poor thing. I guess that's what Dr's are for. I had no idea what to give her so I just followed the directions on the baby Tylenol bottle to try and reduce the fever. That makes sense right? Except the Dr told me she needed like twice the amount the bottle says which is baffling to me! How am I supposed to give her the right amount of medicine if the bottle tells me the wrong thing!?! Her temperature did finally go down but when we got back home two days later she woke up with red blotches all over her. Back to the Doctor. Turns out she had a virus called Roseola which starts with a high fever and ends with blotches.

Having a baby has definitely turned my worry dial way up and my mild hypochondria is now being transferred onto my poor daughter. I really thought of every terrible thing that could be happening to her... that is except for the most obvious- a common virus. The facts are that 1. I love my daughter. 2. I am paranoid. 3. And I am not in control. I really have to work on that control part! =)

I'm happy to say that Jordan is feeling much better! So much so that she climbed her way right out of her crib to freedom. She lost her diaper along the way too... for dramatic effect I assume. Another reason for me to worry: Did she fall on her head? Could she have a concussion? Broken bones? Nope. She was fine. And quite proud of herself at that!

Anyway, I promised some pictures from our trip to Chicago but as she was sick most of the time this is all I have. Here's the little girl feeling better and, of course, famished!

"I'm feeling much better! Thanks for asking!"
"Hmm. I'll have the Filet Mignon... Pureed."
"Hey Grandma! I bet you would let me pull your hair and not even get mad."

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